Central Library

The GIST Central Library is the heart, mind and soul of an educational institution. It is also the nerve center of the institution. It is fountain head of innovativeness, inspiration and insightfulness both for the students and the faculty.
The Library attached with digital library is set in a spacious part of the college building. It has been systematically and steadily strengthened year by year. It contains more then 20,000 commendably classified text books and reference books. In addition to Journals and Magazines, Spacious reading rooms with modern facility enhances the zeal of the students for knowledge.

  • 20,000 Volumes covering technical and non-technical areas.
  • Personality and language development for GRE & TOEFL
  • 200 National and international magazines.
  • The internet facility is another valuable resource helps students to keep abreast of the latest.
  • Reading capacity for 600 students and is also equipped with fully integrated multi-user library management software.
  • Book bank festivities for students.


Digital Library
  • Through DELNET, the digital library is facilitated in the main
  • Library.
  • 2It has 60 main latest computer systems supported by DELL server 320 GB through 4Mbps leased line.
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Most Library Users would Appreciate Silence.
  • Identity Card has to be shown is the entrance gate whenever demanded
  • Every Member / Visitor has to Sign in the gate Register is the Entrance counter before entering in to the library.
  • Smoking. Sleeping and Eating, having refreshments in the Library is not allowed. .
  • Do take care of the books and journals.
  • The rack at the entrance is to be used to keep your Personal Belongings.
  • Once a book has been borrowed avoid taking it back into the Library.
  • Underline, Marking, Tearing will be Strictly Prohibited in the books.
  • Do remember to switch off the fans ad Lights after use.
  • Usage of Cell Phone is restricted inside the Library.
  • The Circulation Counter shall be closed half an hour before closing of the Library.

Book Bank

The Library has Book Bank facility for all and SC/ST students. The Books from the Book Bank are issued for the whole semester and every semester. Student members can borrow books for whole semester and are lent up to 5 days from the Book Bank. Apart the General Book Bank, there is a separate SC/ST Book Bank books supplied by the Social Welfare Department. From the Book Bank students can borrow two to three books at a time. Late return of Books from Book Bank Entitles a FINE at Rs. one per day per book. Any defaulter in this context will not be issued any books further unless he/she clears the old dues.