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This department was established in 2008 with an intake of 60 students. The first batch will be passed out in 2012, which consist of high profile academic achievers. Definitely, the department has thus will produce a higher-grade students with distinction and much more first class holders, and will plan to help the students to get selected in national and international companies. Therefore, the objective of the department is to produce the students who are very strong in theory and practice and in software development also. Thus the student of this department will cherish to become strong software and hardware professionals.

The Department has its own library with 600 different volumes of books and equipped with Seminar hall.

The Department is headed by an experienced Professor and she is supported by 9 dedicated faculty members plus 4 lab assistants.

Many of our department staffs have attended Faculty Development Programmes,National and International Seminars ,Conferences conducted at eminent colleges.

The faculty members are sponsored for pursuing their higher degree to improve their Performance in Teaching Learning process.