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Leading in all respects to communicate people with latest technologies

Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates find opportunities in the terrestrial and extra terrestrial communication systems like telephones, cellular phones, television, optical fiber communication, consumer and entertainment devices where most of them need electronics. Electronics graduates find jobs in the space programs, Satellites etc.


“To inculcate a spirit of scientific temper, analytical thinking and train the students in contemporary technologies in Electronics & Communication to meet the needs of the industry.”


The Department is equipped with 12 labs, 4 advanced labs, departmental computer centre, departmental library, classrooms with modern teaching aids and staff rooms. The laboratories include the Electronics, Devices and Circuits Lab, Analog Electronic Circuits, Digital & Integrated Circuits Labs, Communication, Fibre Optic & Microwave Engineering Labs, Signal Processing & Controls Lab, and Microprocessor & Interfaces & Projects Lab. The advanced labs include:
• VLSI Design Centre established jointly with Portal Player Private Limited
• Advanced Data Communications & Computer Network Lab established under CISCO Local Academy Programme.
• MAT – Lab
• Embedded Systems Lab
• R & D Centre


  • 15.9.2011 & 16.9.2011

Organized Techno Cart.350 students from 80 Engineering Colleges had participated and made postal paper presentations on G5,2G,3G, surface computing, syburg technology etc

Organized Technical Hunt in communication of  legendary Engineer, Sri Mokshagundam Visveswaraiah’s 151 birthday .

  • 6.8.2012

IVth  Yr.Students have conducted Electro Expo wherein they exhibited projects on Automatic Bell system, Multi Channel Ele.Control system,Self controlled Robo, self controlled Robo etc.

  • 15.9.2012

III Yr.students have organized Technical Hunt on the occasion  of  Sri M.Visweswaraiah’s 152 birthday showcasing their talents in Project Expo,postal presentation,Wireless communication, VLSI   embedded system, Shado Alarm etc. Mr.G.V.SUBBARAJU,  GM of Anjani Cements graced the occasion and complemented the students for demonstrating their innate talents.

  • 14.2.2013 & 15.2.2013

ECHOLITE 2013 ,a National Level Symposium was held wherein they deliberated on latest technologies like use  of robotics in wars , generation of electricity using waste material..

  • 25.9.2013

Sports day was organized on the eve of 153 Bithday of Sri M.Visweswaraiah. Both Technical and Non Technical events covering postal presentation, postal presentation, project Exhibition quiz, cricket match , etc were conducted.

  • 30.1.2014

Organized Technical Hunt facilitating the students to exhibit their innovative talents through paper/postal presentation on topics like transfer of material to the solders using optical corollas, 5 pen technology, dron technology.Mr.g.v.Subbarao,AGM (Mines), VSP and T.S.ridhar Reddy,Sr.G.M,Ramco Cements glanced  the event as Chief Guest and Guest of Honor and lauded the students for showcasing their hidden talents.

  • 15.9.2013

Sports day was organized on the eve of  154th Birthday of Sri M.Visweswaraiah. Both Technical and Non technical events covering postal presentation ,project Exhibition,quiz,cricket match etc were conducted.

  • 8.3.2014

Women’s Day was celebrating wherein Dr.Vamsi Priya and noted advocate had dwelt upon women empowerment and the achievements of women in Econamic and Political fronts.

  • 18.3.2015 & 19.3.2015

Techno Crat, a National Level symposium was organized . Students of various colleges have actively participated and displayed their talent in presentation of papers/postal,exhibition of projects and Tech.Quiz. Sri K.Padmaraju,Principal ,JNTUK Engg.College,Chief Guest had motivated the students by his innovative speech on importance of Engg.Education.

  • 15.9.2015

MOKSHGNA was organized on the eve of 155th Birth Day.Various technical events like seminars, postal presentation, project exhibition and Technical quiz were conducted.

  • industrial visites

Arranged idustrial visits to prominent and reputed industries like Radar Station ,Mahilipatna,BSNL,Vijayawada,Jaggaiahpet, AIR,vIJAYAWADA ,renowned industries located in and around Vizag and SHAR at Sriharikota to enable the students to gain first hand practical knowledge related to their domain.

IVth Yr Students attended a 3 day CRT Training at Acharya University, Bangalore.