S.No Name of the Lab Equipments Available
1. Devices Lab Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20 MHz(EZ), Dual Trace Oscilloscope 20 MHz(philips & Scienctech),
Digital Multimeter, Soldring Iron, Dual Regulated Power Supply (0-30)V/1A, DC Power Supply (0-30)V, High Voltage Power Supply(0-300)V/100mA, Function Generator, AC voltmeter 896(0-15), FET Voltmeter, Voltmeter (0-1), Digital Panel meter (0-2), Voltmeter (0-300),V4 dial (1ohm to 9killoohm, 5 dial (1 ohm to 900killoohm)
2. Communication Lab Wheat Stone Bridge , Shering Bridge, Anderson Bridge, Kelvin’s Double Bridge, Maxwell Bridge, LVDT, Strain Measurement Trainer, Temprature Measurement Trainer, Block & White T.V Demonstrator Kit, Dual Trace CRO(60MHz), Storage Oscilloscope (0-60MHz), Function Generator(scientific), Audio Oscillator, Microphone Charecteristics Trainer Module, Loud Speaker Charecteristics Trainer Module
3. Digitial Signal Processing Lab DSP Starter Kit (TMS 320C5416),
Standalone DSP with Built Power Supply,
CODEC I/F 320C50/50H -OPT-01,
Cross C Compiler for TMS 320C50,
302C50/50H – OPT – 02 Filter Desing Package,
Signal Processing Tool Box (software – 5 Licenses),
Control System Tool Box (Software – 5 Licenses),
ADSP 2181 DSP workstation with on board code and with limited C Compoler(Vikasha Electronics)
4. Microprocessor Lab 8085 Microprocessor,Z-80 Microprocessor, 6089 Motorala,
Z-86/88 Microprocessor, Traffic light interface, Traffic Light Controller Board,Accessories -26 Core,
Dual DAC with ADC X temp Measure & control, AD 590 Transducer, Water bath Controller , Universal Screw Termination Board, 8251 x 8253 interface board, 8259 simulator (006) board, 8259 simulator (007) board, 8255 simulator (008) board,DMA interface board, Stepper Motor Interface Card,
Stepper Motor Controller,
5. Microwave & Optical Communication Lab Microwave Benches,
Accessories for Kits,
OFT (Optical Fiber & Digital Comm Trainer),
FOPS101(850nm-Light Source),DR system
Microwave Trainer kit
Optical Power Source,
Advanced fiber optic communication trainer
Laser Trainer kit,
PIN Diode
LED Moudle
6. VLSI Design Lab XILINX ISE Foundation V6.3i VLSI software,
Hard Ware: Xilinx Spartan II 100K Gate Density FPGA,
XILINX FPGA Demo Board: Xilinix Spartan IIE FPGA development Kit,
C Cross compiler of 8051/89C51,
TMS320C5416 DSK with CCS,
XILINX Spartan 500E Trainer kit(VVSM-06) ,
Universal embedded trainer kit,
DSPIC-30F4011 Processor board,
ARM Processor board
7. Networks Lab Cisco 1841 10/100 Base T Modular Router W/2 WAN SLOTS, 160 Flash / 32M DRAM,
CAB – SS – V.35FC V.35 Cable DCE Female to Smart Serial 10 Feet,
WS – C2950 – 24 port 10/100 Auto sensing Auto Negotiating switch,
Network Lab Rack,
Network Cable Tester,
Network crimping tool -nT001T(8p8c/6p6c),
G501 RJ45 Cable Cutter,
PC – PC Cable 2464(VW – 1),
NETGEAR 54Mbps (802.11g) WG311v3 Wireless PCI adapter,
CISCO Linksys wireless-G Access point (WI-FI Certified),