S.No Name of the Lab Description of the Lab
DC and AC panel boards
DC Series Motor
DC Shunt Motor DC Compound Motor
hree Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
Three Phase Slip Ring Induction Motor
Single Phase Induction Motor
DC Shunt Motor Coupled With DC shunt Generator
DC Series Motor Coupled With DC Series Generator
DC Shunt Motor Coupled With Cylindrical Pole Alternator
Synchronous Motor Coupled With DC Shunt Generator
DC Shunt Motor Coupled With Salient Pole Alternator
DC Compound motor coupled with compound generator
Three Phase Inductive Load
Loading Rheostats
Capacitor Bank
Three phase Variac
Transformer OilTest Kil
Transformer Coil Winding Maching
Three PhaseTransformer
ThreePhase Auto Transformer
Single Phase Transformer
Single Phase Auto Transformer
LoadingRheostats – 1 phase
Loading Rheostats – 3 phase
Inductive Load
Winding Study Motor – 3 phase
Audio oscillator
UJT Triggering pulse kit
Series inverter kit
Digital Measurement of Phase Difference
SCR Ring Counter
Cyclo converter kit
Single phase Half controlled and fully controlled rectifier kit
DC motor speed control kit using chopper drive
AC voltage regulator kit
Parallel Inverter
IGBT Chopper based single phase PWM inverter
IGBT Chopper based three phase PWM inverter
IGBT Chopper (4 quadrant)
Three phase Half controlled and fully controlled converter
Thyristorised Speed control of three phase Induction motor
Measurement of Angular velocity
Solid State relay with opto coupler
SCR based voltage and Current Commutation Module
Stepper Motor Trainer Kit
IGBT Chopper
MOSFET based step up and step down chopper
Resonant DC to DC converter
Transient Characteristics of MOSFET and SCR
P4 Systems
MAT LAB software Software Development Lab
3. CONTROL SYSTEMS LAB DC Servo Motor Position control & Speed Torque kit with motor unit
AC Servo motor Transfer function & Position Control
P,PI,PID controller
Function Generator
Lag Lead Compensator
Study of Synchro Transmitter Receiver Trainer
P4 Systems
MAT LAB software
4. MEASUREMENT. & INSTRUMENTATION LAB Measurement of temperature kit CRO Function Generator Ammeter,Galvanometer,Voltmeter, Energy Meter Anderson Bridge Wheatstone Bridge Kelvin’s Bridge Schering Bridge Maxwell’s Inductance Bridge LVDT Thermocouple, RTD, Thermister