S.No Name of the Lab Equipments Available
1. Thermal Engineering Laboratory Air compressor ( 2 stage)
4-Cylinder 4-Stroke Petrol Engine
Centrifugal blower
Refrigeration test rig
Air-conditioning test rig
Twin Cylinder 4-stroke Diesel Engine
Single cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine break drum loading (Anil)
Single cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine break drum loading (Greaves)
Low Speed Wind Tunnel
Cooling tower
Auto Exhaust gas Analyzers
LPG Refrigeration
Four Stroke Four Cylinder Diesel Engine with hydraulic test rig
2. Metrology & Measurements Laboratory Profile projector
Floating carriage micrometer
Tool makers microscope
Vibration Generating and Measuring System
3. Steam Laboratory Stream turbine and boiler
4. Lathe Shop Capstan turret lathe
Padmini student lathe
Padmini student lathe with taper turning attachment
Padmini lathe
PL -4 lathe
Pilot lathe
Sona lathe
PL -4 lathe
5. Special Machine Shop Shaping Machines
Cylindrical Grinding M/c
Horizontal Milling Machine
Planning Machine
Surface Grinder
Slotting Machine
Tool and cutter Grinding Machine
Vertical Milling Machine
Gear Hobbing Machine Universal Radial Drilling Machine
6. MECHATRONICS Laboratory Hydraulics-Linear Actuation System Trainer with Lab view Interfacing
Electro-Pneumatic trainer kit
Electro-Pneumatic trainer kit with PLC
Servo Controller interfacing
Integrated Process Controller trainer
Hydraulics and pneumatic simulation software (FLUIDSSIM 3.6H & FLUIDSIM 3.6P)
Lab View SoftWare Version 7.0
P4, 2.4 G.Hz, 256 MB RAM, 40GB HDD,1.44FDD, 52X CDROM, 17” Monitor,KB With Mouse