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The Institute of GIST is governed by the rules and regulations laid down by the University of jntuk.


Every student should have a minimum required attendance of 75% in each subject, separately in theory, practical and tutorial by the end of each academic year. Any student who has been ill, should submit a medical certificate for the period of illness to the Class Advisor immediately on joining the college.

The attendance will be displayed on the notice board at the end of every term. Students can also check their attendance by accessing their home page through OMV card. In case of sickness, students will be granted sick leave on production of medical certificate from civil surgeon/registered medical practitioner but this will not affect the rules regarding minimum attendance. Medical certificates will be excluded while calculating credit towards marks to be awarded. Students who do not fulfill the required attendance will not be allowed to appear for the final semester end examinations.


Any student wishing to absent  from the Institute must submit an application on the prescribed form available from the Institute office in advance. If the leave is asked on medical grounds, a medical certificate should be submitted. However, leave sanctioned does not condone attendance. Application for leave on semister medical grounds for the must be made either in advance or on the date of the examination on which the student is unable to appear due to sickness. Application for leave received after the examination is over will not be considered. Applications not made in proper form and not bearing the signature of the guardian/parent will not be entertained.


Promotion is regulated by the University rules.


A student who wishes to leave the Institute must apply in writing to the Director with his/her application countersigned by  guardian/parent. All fees, fines and other dues will be charged up to the end of the Term in which the formal withdrawal takes place. In case a student drops out without such a formal withdrawal, his/her security deposit will be forfeited and adjusted towards the dues. No claim for refund of security will be entertained later.


The Director has the power to strike off the name of a student who is grossly irregular in attendance or is not amenable to Institute discipline or is unfit for the course chosen by his/her.


Since the entire college procedures are computerized the students are issued an OMV card at the time of admission. This card is valid for the entire period of study in the college & must be brought by the student every day. It serves as an identity card, besides allowing access to home page on the computer to get information on attendance & marks of assignments & issue of books from the library.


The students are expected to respect the college rules and maintain discipline in the campus both inside and outside the classrooms. At the time of admission every student shall be required to sign a declaration that on admission he/she submits  to the disciplinary jurisdiction of the college/University authorities during his/her tenure. The students must note the following :

(a) Cellular phones: Cellular phones must be switched off during classes.
Cellular phones cannot be carried into the examination hall.

(b) Regularity: All the students who are enrolled at the institute are pursuing a full time course and are not allowed to undertake any unpaid or paid commitments/assignments outside the college.

A discipline committee is constituted in the college comprising of senior faculty members who monitor the discipline every day as well as during the various events in the college.

The institute has provision for granting free ship to students on the basis of merit and means. The students desirous of availing free ship must collect the forms from the office and submit the completed forms by the end of the first term.


The college believes that academics and co-curricular activities go hand in hand for all round development of the personality. Therefore all the students are required to be present for the various events in the college. Students who absent themselves from the college on Founder’s Day, Sports day or during the cultural events shall have to pay the stipulated fine. In case any student is sick, medical leave will be granted on production of medical certificate from a registered practitioner either before or on the day in question.


An assembly of students and faculty is conducted once a week in the college foyer. It is here that important announcements are made by the Director, faculty members, students’ council members etc. Special assemblies are held on important days such as Independence Day, Teacher’s Day, etc. All the students are expected to attend the assembly.


The Institute has a unique advisory system wherein each student is assigned to an advisor who is a member of the faculty. The advisors meet the students periodically to brief them about important issues. In case any student has any academic or personal problem, he/she is welcome to approach the advisor. All leave applications of the student must be countersigned by the advisor. The medical certificate of the student, if any, has to be deposited with the advisor.


In case any student suffers from specific health problem or chronic health disorder, it needs to be conveyed to the Institute by the parents/guardians.


The students are advised not to bring large sums of money, jewelry or other valuables to the Institute. They should be careful about their personal belongings and have the option of using lockers available in the college. Attempts are made to return the lost property if found by peons, cleaners etc., the college however takes no responsibility in the matter.